Hyvä Themes

Magento Themes re-imagined.

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Hyvä Themes

Hyvä themes is a brand-new frontend for Magento 2 with the best DevExperience, Performance and Time to Market.

Hyvä Checkout

Although Hyvä Checkout is still a work in progress, we've open sourced it on Github.

Hyvä Checkout is built with ReactJS and works with Hyvä Themes, standard Magento 2 Themes and even Magento's PWA Studio.

Hyvä Admin

Hyvä Admin aims to make creating grids and forms in the Magento 2 adminhtml area joyful and fast.

It does not use any UI components - and it's free.

The best partners in the industry.

Hyvä works together with the best Magento agencies in the world.

Hyvä Partners

Looking for an integrator?

Here's a list of Hyvä integrators if you're looking for someone to build your Magento 2 store with Hyvä:

Hyvä Suppliers