Hyvä Partners

integer_net GmbH

Our main partner and co-creator is integer_net GmbH. Integer_net is specialised in the development and technical support of online stores.
With the e-commerce platform Magento as the foundation, integer_net help your business achieve new goals in e-commerce.

Visit the dedicated integer_net Hyvä landingpage


Elgentos was first in line to join Hyvä as early adopter and has made a serious step in integrating Hyvä Themes in to their company toolbox. They are developing multiple sites using Hyvä and are active contributors to the Hyvä product.

Visit the Limburgia Vlaai showcase on their website


Fisheye is the UK's most certified professional partner with an unrivalled reputation for offering industry leading support and continuous development. We're thrilled to have them on board as partner. Fisheye has taken a lead in developing Magento Commerce features for Hyvä themes, starting with the Page Builder.


Space 48

Space 48 is a UK-leading CX and ecommerce platform agency working with global brands to grow their ecommerce. They are the other Titan in the UK Magento ecosystem that joined Hyvä as a partner, contributing on Commerce features for Hyvä Themes.



Atwix is a top-tier boutique Magento eCommerce agency with exclusive technology knowledge, that offers its clients end-to-end tailored solutions and support, thus helping meet their business needs through eCommerce.


The best partners in the industry.

Hyvä works together with the best Magento agencies in the world.

Hyvä Partners

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Here's a list of Hyvä integrators if you're looking for someone to build your Magento 2 store with Hyvä:

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