Hyvä Checkout

Hyvä Checkout

We've built an open-source React Checkout that works with any Magento 2 shop.

It's available for free at https://github.com/hyva-themes/hyva-checkout/

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About / Hyvä Checkout

Hyvä Checkout uses only the cart-token and customer-token to communicate with Magento 2 through GraphQL.

With Hyvä Themes and default Magento, these tokens are stored in customerData that are in LocalStorage.

PWA Studio uses the same tokens in localStorage, but under a different key.

We've partnered with some of the greatest in our industry.

Hyvä works together with the best Magento agencies and solution providers in the world.

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Here's a list of Hyvä integrators if you're looking for someone to build your Magento 2 store with Hyvä:

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