CMS Tailwind JIT compiler

CMS Tailwind JIT compiler

Up until now using Tailwind styled components in content added to Magento via the Admin interface was problematic.
There was no way to check how the content would actually look on the frontend, since the Magento admin interface does not use TailwindCSS for styling.

Another issue was that in production instances only styles that are used in templates are included in the styles.css file.
Content admins needed to limit themselves to tailwind classes that already where used on the front end, or cumbersome workarounds where required to include the CMS content styles.

We just released a new Hyvä extension to that uses the TailwindCSS JIT compiler to generate the CSS for all styles used in CMS pages, CMS blocks, product descriptions and category descriptions.
On the frontend, the additional CSS is embedded inline within <style> tags.

As an additional bonus, a preview is generated in the Admin interface, so instead of seeing only code, something quite similar to what will be visible to visitors is shown.

The Hyva_CmsTailwindJit module is based on the impressive work of Marcel Pociot of beyondcode, who did all the hard lifting to get the Tailwind JIT compiler to run in a browser.


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